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Individual Scholarship

The Cape Cod Institute aims to increase the accessibility of our continuing education opportunities and provide clinician learners with renewed energy and cutting-edge and effective interventions to bring to their work in their respective communities. 


While we cannot significantly defray the costs for all participants, we aim to offer moderate scholarship assistance to those eligible in an effort to build a multidisciplinary, intergenerational, and diverse learning community with respect for the time and financial commitment made by participants. 

Group Scholarship

The Cape Cod Institute is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations whose funding structures do not currently or otherwise exist to offer their clinicians in-depth and specialized continuing education opportunities. In addition to group discounts (10% for groups 5-9 and 20% for groups of 10+), the Cape Cod Institute awards at least two annual nonprofit/agency-based group scholarships for up to 20 clinicians/employees to join live-online courses at either a reduced price or free of charge. The Institute may also award additional group discounts above the marketed discounts for all delivery formats to organizations who apply. 

*Please note that Cape organizations are welcome to apply for fully discounted in-person tuition as well as share our volunteer course assistant opportunities with staff. 

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