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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the In-Person Course Location?

All In-Person Courses will be located at:
Nauset Regional Middle School
70 MA-28
Orleans, MA 02653




Which courses am I eligible to attend? Some of them seem to be geared towards my profession, while some seem intended for others, although the content seems applicable to the work I do.

What is your Live-Online format like?

What information will I need to register someone else or a group?

Are there any discounts? Who is eligible for reduced tuition?

What is the cancellation policy?

What can I do to prepare for my course?

Will I receive course materials ahead of my course?

What is the Community Forum and how do I access it?

Is there disability-related accessibility to the Institute and the surrounding community?

Do you know of any pet-friendly accommodations on Cape Cod?

Do you have any suggestions for child care?

Can you suggest some recreational activities in advance of my trip?

Looking for a Therapist?

For More Information 


Cape Cod Institute

MAK Continuing Education, LLC
2 Belden Ave
PO Box 2225
Norwalk, CT, 06850-9998
Phone: 1 (203) 781-6492 Fax:  1 (860) 499-3267


MAK Continuing Education, LLC, and its cosponsors are not responsible for any statements, acts, material, or omissions by faculty or participants. The registrant agrees that any dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in the State of Massachusetts pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The use of recording equipment, videotaping/recording by cellphone, or taking photos of faculty or classmates is not permitted without expressed consent by the faculty and MAK Continuing Education, LLC.

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