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What to Expect Live-Online at the Cape Cod Institute

Live-Online sessions are held via Zoom Meetings

Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EDT, with a 30-minute break

Live-online sessions are held simultaneously to

in-person courses with faculty joining from Cape Cod.

Our hybrid classrooms are designed to provide interactive learning experiences for our virtual participants, including the ability to do small-group work, live Q&A's, and participate in live demonstrations and experientials remotely. 

Joining Us Online:​

  • Participants join via Zoom Meetings and will receive a new Zoom registration link each morning via email.

    • You will receive links from Go ahead and add that email address to your contacts now so our emails don't end up in your spam folder.

    • Please note that the email links that you will receive from the Cape Cod Institute are non-transferable. We ask that you do not share these links with colleagues or friends.

  • You are not alone! The Cape Cod Institute has dedicated staff online to support learners throughout the course.

    • Our live-online offerings are designed to be interactive and build connection and engagement. Our staff and faculty will promote that participants join with their cameras on as much as possible. When live-online participants are sharing or asking questions, faculty, and colleagues in the room on Cape Cod can see you!

  • We ask that live-online participants join from a private space where no one can see or hear the course.

  • Always leave time to troubleshoot! Please plan to log in early on Monday to ensure you can access the course from your device.


  • New to Zoom? You can download the Zoom app here. Also, check out their great resources and Help Center here

  • Check for Zoom Updates! Here are some helpful instructions on how to update your Zoom app.

  • Captions: For information on using Zoom’s caption function, click here. Captions are available to assist with ADA needs but should not be copied, nor should any Chat conversations.

  • System requirements for online courses:

Operating Systems: Windows XP or higher, macOS 9 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher

Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox 10.0 or higher

Broadband Internet connection: Cable, High-speed DSL & any other medium that is internet accessible

  • Check out our welcome video below for more information regarding joining us live-online. 


Live-Online Participants Responses to the Question: 
What did you like most about your experience at the Cape Cod Institute?

"This course experience was wonderful. I was really impressed by the seamlessness experience of being in the workshop online and it being hybrid. I wasn't sure how it would go, as I have attended a workshop in person, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the online experience, and will undoubtedly do it again!"

"This was the first time I have participated in a Cape Cod conference virtually and I was very pleased with how organized the virtual experience was. "

"I was so impressed how well the course integrated the online experience with the in-person community!"

"The moderation of the online chat etc was literally the best moderation I’ve ever encountered in a synchronous online training."

"The technology was seamless and integrated."

"I participated online and it was the best moderated experience I have ever seen."

"This was an outstanding training & workshop. It was the most effective use of online technology with super productive break out sessions. I especially appreciated how diligent Deb was about including online participation--including her determination to have everyone who was speaking in the live session use a microphone. The moderator for our online community was so engaging and authentic as well."

"I really appreciated the hybrid model - as a virtual participant I was impressed with how included I felt in the training."

"I felt well included as a virtual /zoom participant because it was so well organized."

CCI Live-Online Welcome Video:

​Learn more about:

  • Our hybrid classroom setup
  • Using the chat function within Zoom
  • Asking questions

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