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Group Aid and Scholarship

Criteria &
Eligibility Information

Group applicants in the following categories (and not limited to) are invited to apply:
  • Nonprofit organizations and agencies committed to working with clients and communities who self-identify as LGTBQIA+, unhoused, refugees, immigrants, members of the global majority, living in areas affected by poverty or a scarcity of mental health or health resources, recently affected by high incidences of community violence or natural disasters. 

  • Organizations with a demonstrated lack of consistent funding streams to provide tuition reimbursement for Continuing Education and provide their clinicians with less than $250 tuition reimbursement annually. 

  • Organizations that are able to provide continuing education/professional development hours but not financial contributions to training costs.

  • Organizations exhibiting high turnover in staff and low clinician retention rates.

  • Organizations or departments that employ a majority of clinicians with less than five years of clinical experience.

  • Groups joining from outside of the United States whose currency’s purchasing power does not support the attendance of their staff.

Please review the following guidelines before applying:

  • Prior recipients of group scholarships are eligible to reapply every two years and may be considered if the budget allows.

  • Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than one month before the start of the first course. 

  • Please note that there will be a limited number of seats per course. At times, but not always, we will be able to support multiple employees attending the same course.

  • If a full scholarship for 10+ staff is awarded, we encourage organizations to ask staff to choose the course/content most applicable to a clinician's current client base or work. 


If an organization is selected for a group scholarship, a Cape Cod Institute staff member will reach out to organize the registration process and discuss course availability.

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