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Individual Scholarships

Criteria & Eligibility Information

The Cape Cod Institute invites applicants in the following categories and recognizes overlap among them:

Financial Need: Scholarships intended for clinicians who exhibit financial need such that they are unable to attend a Cape Cod Institute training in all offered delivery formats without a scholarship, who are committed to serving the global majority, LGBTQIA+ communities, or populations affected by poverty, work for agencies or organizations dedicated to working with the communities mentioned above that do not provide professional development opportunities or funds, and clinicians living outside the United States struggling to pay tuition due to their national currency’s purchasing power.


Diversity and Inclusion: The Cape Cod Institute offers scholarships based on our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Scholarships are intended for clinicians who belong to the global majority or LGBTQIA+ community or exhibit a commitment to serving these communities and would otherwise only be able to attend a Cape Cod Institute live-online or in-person course with financial assistance.


Cape Cod Community: The Cape Cod Institute is committed to offering tuition assistance for clinicians and community partners working to support the emotional and mental well-being of those living on Cape Cod (Outer, Low, Mid, and Upper Cape). Tuition is free of charge for all Nauset Regional School System employees. Please contact to learn more. In line with this commitment, local clinician and service provider applications are prioritized when applying for volunteer course assistant positions at the Cape Cod Institute.

Please review the following guidelines before applying:
  • Our scholarships aim to offer moderate financial contribution to tuition to increase ​​accessibility and financial support to multiple applicants. In doing so, the Cape Cod Institute scholarship program cannot fully cover the tuition costs for all applicants. Our current average scholarship amount, if awarded, is $250.

  • Financial contribution is not intended to cover the cost of travel, lodging, or food expenses.

  • Delivery format options may be limited due to previous applicant awards or availability. The committee may offer applicants a different delivery format or course selection based on availability and previously awarded scholarships.

  • Applicants who have received a scholarship in a previous season are eligible to reapply and may be considered for a scholarship if the budget allows.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

  • Applicants can accept or reject the awarded scholarship and reapply in another season. 

  • Applicants are welcome to apply to both the scholarship program and the volunteer course assistant program.

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