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George McCloskey, PhD

Intervention For Child And Adolescent Executive Control Difficulties

August 7th - August 11th, 2023

This course is also available Live-Online!






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15 Hour In-Person & Live-Online Course

Monday - Friday: 9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m. EDT / 30-Minute Break Daily

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Course Description

In this course George McCloskey - widely admired for the clarity, comprehensiveness, and warmth of his teaching style - will help participants gain a deeper understanding of executive control and of the ways executive control deficits impact the behavior and academic performance of children and adolescents.

Participants will gain state-of-the-art knowledge of the most effective ways to help children and adolescents improve their use of executive functions and executive skills. Ways to discuss executive control with children, parents and school staff will be offered as well as ways to help motivate children and adolescents to ensure their participation in efforts to help them. Special emphasis will be placed on how to orient students to intervention efforts and help them move from being externally controlled to internally self-regulated through the use of bridging strategies. Case study examples of assessment and intervention efforts and outcomes with children and adolescents will be discussed throughout the presentation.

Participants will leave this workshop energized and with a renewed sense of purpose, a greater knowledge of how to improve executive functions and executive skills, and a greater realization of how they can have a positive effect on the children, parents and professionals with whom they work.


  • Defining Executive Control

  • A comprehensive model of Executive Control

  • Executive Control vs. Automaticity


  • Learning vs. Producing: Executive Control and Production

  • Intervention Mindset

  • Continuum for Strengthening Executive Control


  • Motivation and Executive Control

  • Orienting Strategies

  • External Control Strategies


  • Bridging Strategies


  • Internal Self-Control Strategies

  • Executive Control Development

  • Executive Control and Clinical Diagnoses

  • Progress Monitoring to Document Change

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George McCloskey, PhD

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What Alumni are Saying...

"It was well paced and gave me time to digest material in a way that will help structure my approach to this work in the coming school year." - 2022 Participant

"Very good and comprehensive course." - 2022 Participant

"Thoroughly enjoyable and fast paced." - 2022 Participant

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