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The Cape Cod Institute-MAK Continuing Education, LLC is an EC Provider (#22011) and this program (#22011-06) is approved for 15 EMDRIA Credits. Eligibility for EMDRIA Credits is restricted to those who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training.

EMDR Therapy and the Treatment of Complex PTSD in Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Neglect

Deborah Korn, PsyD

August 5-9, 2024

Monday - Friday: 9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m. EDT | 30-Minute Break Daily

15-Hour Course |  Delivery Format: In-Person or Live-Online

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Course Description

* Please note, this course is designed for therapists who have begun or completed an EMDR basic training program. It is appropriate for EMDR therapists at all levels of experience - from senior EMDR consultants to those who have been trained more recently. At least some previous clinical experience with EMDR therapy is a prerequisite.

EMDR therapy with survivors of childhood abuse and neglect can be extremely rewarding yet, at the same time, quite challenging. It demands a robust set of clinical skills and a solid conceptual framework to guide moment-to-moment decision-making. In recognition of clients’ limited affect tolerance, rigid defenses, overdeveloped avoidance patterns, and extreme emotional dysregulation, it also requires strategies for modifying and supplementing standard EMDR protocols. “Staying out of the way” is typically not an option as these clients often need significant relational support, assistance with emotional and somatic regulation, and active interweaves to facilitate effective trauma processing.

In this workshop, we will begin by examining the impact of early neglect, abuse, and attachment disruption on the development, functioning, and identity of the individual. We will then introduce various clinical “maps” to guide assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment planning. We will review the range of dissociative presentations associated with complex and prolonged trauma and will highlight the kinds of phobias and ego state conflicts that require attention early in treatment.

We’ll discuss the role of EMDR Resource Development and Installation (RDI), the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and the modulation of hyper- and hypo-arousal in EMDR trauma processing. We'll also review strategies for helping clients decrease dissociation and maladaptive defenses, allowing them to access and transform their core affects and beliefs. Significant time will be devoted to identifying common blocking beliefs and delineating different types of interweaves, each with their own functions and goals. Through watching numerous excerpts from videotapes of clinical sessions, participants will have the opportunity to see how the proposed treatment “maps” can be used to guide decision-making and how interweaves can be used with precision to deepen processing and accelerate developmental repair.  

Course Agenda (click to expand)

Course Objectives (click to expand)

About the Instructor

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Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Deborah Korn receives a facilitation fee as a faculty member/facilitator from the EMDR Institute, she receives a speakers fee as a faculty/teacher/speaker from PESI/PESI UK, and she receives a speaker's fee as a faculty/teacher/speaker from the Trauma Research Foundation. She also receives a speaking honorarium from MAK Continuing Education, LLC, Cape Cod Institute.  

Non-financial: Deborah Korn has no relevant non-financial relationships with ineligible organizations.

Deborah L.  Korn, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist, maintains a private practice in Cambridge, MA, and is an adjunct training faculty member at Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Research Foundation in Boston. She has been on the faculty of the EMDR Institute for the past 30 years, is the former Clinical Director of the Women’s Trauma Programs at Charter Brookside and Charles River Hospitals, and is a past board member of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation (NESTTD). Dr. Korn has authored or coauthored numerous articles and chapters focused on EMDR therapy, including comprehensive reviews of EMDR applications for Complex PTSD. She is an EMDR International Association-approved consultant and is also on the Editorial Board of the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research. She has been a keynote presenter at EMDRIA, EMDR Europe, and EMDR Iberoamerica conferences and was invited to present EMDRIA’s very first “Masters Series” class in 2003. She recently served as the vice-chair of the Clinical Practice Group and on the Steering Committee of the Council of Scholars, an international group associated with the Future of EMDR Therapy Project. She is the recipient of the 2022 Francine Shapiro Award, “the most prestigious [EMDRIA] award, reserved for individual’s whose service is exceptional and extraordinary.” Dr. Korn also presents and consults internationally on the treatment of adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect and, she is the co-author of Every Memory Deserves Respect—a 2021 book about trauma, recovery, and EMDR therapy written for the layperson. As a clinician, teacher, researcher, and consultant, Dr. Korn is known for her EMDR expertise as well as her creative integration of many different clinical models. When she’s not hard at work, you’ll likely find her biking, hiking, singing, or kicking up her heels with friends and family.

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Deborah Korn, PsyD

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What Alumni are Saying...

"This was one of the finest courses I’ve ever taken at CCI, bar none. Deborah Korn is not only knowledgeable but incredibly skilled at presenting this material. She has a wonderful mix of thoughtfulness and humor that makes learning a pleasure." - 2023 Participant

"Deborah Korn is the embodiment of compassionate, effective training and therapist. I was inspired, learned so much and remembered more - she helped create lots of new mental connections. To top it off, she brings joy into the room and into the work. So skilled, kind, and fun. I can't say enough good things about this training!!!! " - 2023 Participant

"Deborah Korn was wonderful and her course exceeded my expectations." - 2022 Participant



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