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Embodied Awareness: The Art of Presence and Attunement

Licia Sky, BFA

July 8-12, 2024

Monday - Friday: 9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m. EDT | 30-Minute Break Daily

15-Hour Course |  Delivery Format: In-Person Only

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Course Description

Our ability to be aware of our bodies impacts and enhances how we process sensations and memories, how we interact with the world around us, how we interact socially, and how we heal from traumatic events. Explore embodied awareness through experiential exercises and learn how you can foster embodied awareness with clients with a history of trauma.

In this workshop, Licia Sky guides discovery through meditation, movement, theater exercises, and play to show how this awareness affects the therapeutic container— safety, and ability to be present with what emerges within the session. Based on the upcoming book, Come to Your Senses- the Official Companion Workbook for The Body Keeps The Score, this program offers an array of non-verbal, experiential exercises drawn from theater, guided focusing, dance, meditation, yoga, bodywork, and Embodied Voice.

This experiential program can be taken alone or as a follow-up to Bessel van der Kolk, MD's course, Frontiers of Trauma Treatment.

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About the Instructor

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Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Licia Sky has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations. She receives a speaking honorarium from MAK Continuing Education, LLC, Cape Cod Institute.

Non-financial: Licia Sky has no relevant non-financial relationships with ineligible organizations.

Licia Sky, BFA, is a somatic educator, bodyworker, artist, and musician. She guides transformational experiences—incorporating dynamic observational exercises, music, movement, vocalizing, enhanced listening, and touch—to foster safe, transformative inner and interpersonal connections. Licia co-founded the Trauma Research Foundation along with Bessel van der Kolk and is currently the CEO.

Schwartz 2020.jpg

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Licia Sky, BFA

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What Alumni are Saying...

"Licia Sky is an expert at experiential learning. She makes sure that every person is seen and heard every day." - 2021 Participant

"I loved the didactic and experiential balance. I did not want the week to end. Many of us found a great deal of self-care through the experiences that we had during the week. The group energy was palpable...led by an amazing Licia Sky!!" - 2023 Participant

"Licia is a beautiful Being. She is so real and honest and present." - 2021 Participant



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