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Lana Epstein, MA, LICSW

Putting It All Together: Combining Somatic And Ego-State Therapies With EMDR To Change The Valence Of Emotional Memories

July 10th - July 14th, 2023

This course has been approved for 15 EMDRIA Credits: EC Program Approval Number: #22011-03. This course is also available Live-Online!


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15 Hour In-Person & Live-Online Course

Monday - Friday: 9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m. EDT / 30-Minute Break Daily

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Course Description

Early emotional learning contributes significantly to our sense of self and to how we form attachments. Until recently, these early memories were thought to be immutable. Current research and literature in the field of Memory Reconsolidation (the reorganization of an existing memory), however, proposes that the way an emotionally-laden memory is held in the brain can be reworked (or reconsolidated). Since these emotionally informed learnings inform procedural, automatic behaviors, our clients and we can benefit from understanding the underlying principles of memory reconsolidation and the therapies best suited to that process.

This workshop will demonstrate ways a number of mindfulness-based, experiential therapies can be combined to shift the valence of emotional memory—whether those memories be trauma- or attachment-based.

The workshop will highlight interventions from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR. It will also include interventions from ego state work and Hypnotherapy. Throughout the week, the instructor will differentiate between trauma and attachment work and will give special consideration to working with shame experiences. Each day will include a combination of video analysis, didactic presentation, and experiential learning. This course is well suited for clinicians of all levels interested in learning more about integrating somatic interventions into their current practice. Please note prior experience working with EMDR is not required.


  • Trauma and the Brain

  • Bringing the Body into Trauma Treatment

  • Memory Reconsolidation


  • Memory Reconsolidation Continued

  • Helping the Body Complete Truncated Actions

  • Working with Voluntary and Involuntary movement


  • Differentiating Trauma and Attachment Work

  • Attachment and the Brain

  • Attachment and the Body


  • From Symptom to Target: Getting the Nodal Memory

  • Working with Child Parts to Reconsolidate Memory


  • Shame and the Therapist

  • Shame and the Brain

  • Shame in the Therapy Hour

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Lana Epstein, MA, LICSW

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What Alumni are Saying...

"It was absolutely wonderful both professionally and personally. Lana is an amazing teacher and guru." - 2022 Participant

"I really loved it and look forward to more workshops from both Lana and the Institute!" - 2022 Participant

"Lana presented such a complex subject with such a sensitive manner." - 2022 Participant

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