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Bob Anderson

Conscious Leadership: A Unified Model Of Leadership Development

August 7th - August 11th, 2023

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15 Hour In-Person Course

Monday - Friday: 9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m. EDT / 30-Minute Break Daily

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Course Description

People who are highly effective, proficient, and skilled at what they do are often honored with the title of master. Mastery in anything—from sports, to the arts, to leadership—requires a  highly competent “outer game” and a highly conscious “inner game.” Effective, masterful leadership is Conscious Competence.

What seldom gets acknowledged is that the inner game runs the outer game. It is the maturity of the inner game that mediates and manages the outer game. Most of our efforts to develop mastery in leadership focus on the outer game of competence and very little on the inner game of consciousness. Until our efforts take a more unified, balanced approach, one that simultaneously involves both the inner and outer game (consciousness and competence), we will fall short in our efforts to develop leaders for the future at the pace required.

Consciousness and performance—personal,  organizational, and systemic—are fundamentally connected. The organization will be structured and perform at the predominant level of consciousness of its leadership. If we want higher-order performance, individually and organizationally, consciousness must be restructured.

The good news is that the structure of mind can evolve throughout the lifespan. Consciousness, like an operating system, can be restructured for higher performance in the face of higher complexity. Research has mapped out the trajectory of adult development—how consciousness structures itself at one level of mind and then restructures itself into the next higher-order structure, and the next, and the next. Each new higher-order structure ushers in enhanced capacity, in which more—much more—becomes possible.

This workshop will provide a powerful leadership development experience for both those seeking to improve their organizations and those serving clients as organizational development consultants, coaches, and therapists. It will introduce you to a unified model of leadership that integrates most of the best theory and research to emerge over the past 50 years in the fields of leadership, psychology, human potential, and even spirituality. At the core of this model are the Stages of Adult Development frameworks that are now finding their way into our approaches to leadership development.

The workshop will include a self-assessment using the Leadership Circle Profile, which provides personal insight through the lens of the Unified Model. It will introduce five leadership practices (listed in the outline below) that will reliably boot up higher-level leadership.


  • Introduction of the Conscious Leadership Framework

  • Stages of Adult and Leadership Development

  • Reactive and Creative Structures of Mind


  • The Leadership Circle Profile Assessment

  • The Unified Model of Leadership

  • Your Profile Results


  • Practice 1: Working with Reactive Leadership Strategies and their Underlying Self-Limiting Beliefs


  • Practice 2: Developing Intuition to Balance Reason

  • Practice 3: Discerning Personal Purpose

  • Practice 4: Distilling your Leadership Vision


  • Authenticity

  • Practice 5: Courageous Conversation

  • Legacy

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Bob Anderson

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What Alumni are Saying...

“This was by far the most personally impactful course I have ever taken! The instructor built an extraordinary environment of trust which allowed participants to really embody and explore the model deeply. We learned from the instructor and from each other through discussions of theory, research and experiences. I feel like what I have learned here will change my life! Thank you!” - 2019 Participant

“Bob is a master presenter/facilitator, an original thinker and pacesetter in the field of LCDR assessment and development, and a high quality human being.” - 2019 Participant

“Bob did a fabulous job presenting his model in a powerful and meaningful way for all.” - 2019 Participant

“Uplifting, refreshing, and inspirational.” - 2019 Participant

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