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Lana Epstein  — Putting it All Together: Changing the Valence of Emotional Memory

Putting It All Together:  Changing the Valence of Emotional Memory with Mindfulness-Based Experiential Therapies, a 2019 Cape Cod Institute workshop led by Lana Epstein, August 12-16, 2019

Lana Epstein

Putting It All Together: Changing the Valence of Emotional Memory with Mindfulness-Based Experiential Therapies
August 12-16, 2019

Recent research on Memory Reconsolidation, the reorganization of an existing memory, illustrates that memory is not as stable as a mountain, as once believed.  It proposes that the valence of a given emotionally laden incident can be reworked (or reconsolidated).  Since these emotionally informed learnings circumscribe procedural behavior--especially in the areas of sense of self and attachment--we and our clients can benefit from understanding the underlying principles of memory reconsolidation and the therapies best suited for that process.

Highlighting body-based interventions and the commonalities of seemingly disparate theoretical concepts and therapeutic modalities, this workshop will demonstrate the ways in which a number of mindfulness-based, experiential therapies can work together to shift the valence of emotional memory—whether those memories be trauma- or attachment-based. The workshop will highlight interventions from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR. It will also include interventions from ego state work including IFS and Hypnotherapy. The workshop will differentiate between trauma and attachment work, and will give special consideration to working with shame experiences. The week will include video analysis, didactic presentation, and experientials. This course is well suited for clinicians of all levels interested in learning more about integrating somatic interventions into their current practice.


  • Trauma and the Brain

  • Bringing the Body into Trauma Treatment

  • Memory Reconsolidation  


  • Memory Reconsolidation Continued

  • Helping the Body Complete Truncated Actions

  • Secondary Dissociation



  • Differentiating Trauma and Attachment Work

  • Attachment and the Brain

  • Attachment and the Body


  • From Symptom to Target: Getting the Nodal Memory

  • Working with Child Parts to Reconsolidate Memory


  • Shame and the Therapist

  • Shame and the Brain

  • Shame in the Therapy Hour

 Lana Epstein

Lana Epstein

Lana Epstein, MA, LICSW, is a seasoned clinician specializing in the treatment of complex trauma. She is a senior trainer for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, an EMDR Approved Consultant with EMDR International Association, and an ASCH Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis. She is a past supervisor for the Trauma Center and was on the Board of the New England Society for the Treatment for Trauma and Dissociation for 6 years. Integrating a number of therapeutic models, Lana presents nationally and internationally and maintains a private practice in Lexington, MA, focusing on adult survivors of childhood trauma.

What our alumni are saying:

"Lana Epstein is an excellent teacher and a grounded and warm individual."

"Lana is an amazing presenter and I feel blessed to have had her knowledgeable instruction."

Lana was fabulous. She is such a master therapist and skilled teacher. Loved her humor, kindness, and ability to keep things in focus and moving forward."