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Frederick A. Miller & Judith H. Katz

Creating Inclusive Cultures: Transforming Core Narratives through Change Champions

Mondays and Tuesdays, May 1, 8, 15 and 30, 2023






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15 Hour Live Online Course: EST: 11:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.; 15 minute break daily

4 x 4 hour Sessions on 3 Mondays & 1 Tuesday in May 2023:

Session 1: Monday, May 1
Session 2: Monday, May 8
Session 3: Monday, May 15
Session 4: Tuesday, May 30

PT: 800a.m. - 12:00p.m. | GMT: 4:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

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Course Description

In a world of polarization, rapid change, and the demands on organizations for speed and  significantly higher levels of individual and team performance, the need for greater inclusion in  organizations to achieve that breakthrough performance is more critical than ever before. In this  course we will focus on the application of dialogic OD principles and frameworks to disrupt the  prevailing narrative and engage an organization and its members to embrace new ways of  operating and interacting that foster greater inclusion, leverage differences, and ensure equity.

The course will include panels of both leaders and consultants who have successfully engaged  change that creates new generative images to evolve the new narrative and will share their  lessons learned and provide stories of key learnings in the journey of change. Additionally, Fred  and Judith will bring their experience spanning 51 years of being part of change in  organizations around the globe in all sectors of the workforce that support new narratives which  enable every person to do their best work and support individual, team, and organizational  performance. This course will also provide participants with an opportunity to hone themselves? as change agents. They will learn, grow, and apply techniques that will enhance their influence as agents of change in their own organizations and in everyday life. Specifically, we will look at the conditions needed to disrupt the prevailing organizational narrative for rapid change; strategies and interventions to create a new generative image and the application to participants’ organizations to live the new narrative.

Monday, May 1st: Session 1 – Laying the groundwork for change

  • Overview of course

  • Individual objectives and learning goals

  • A time of transformational change: culture change, if not now, it’s too late

  • Creating common ground and language regarding inclusion, diversity, equity, and  access.

  • Initial assessment of our knowledge as practitioners

  • Creation of Application groups

Monday, May 8th: Session 2 – Ground rules for Change

  • Using dialogic OD to create change

  • A Peer-to-Peer Model of Accelerating Change

  • Guest panel: Leaders who have been involved in transformational change: Stories,  learnings, and Lessons from the journey

  • Small group and large group dialogue applications

  • What success looks like

  • Application groups

Monday, May 15th: Session 3 – Self as Instrument for change

  • Use of self – our role, our support of new narratives, mindsets, and frameworks.

  • Joining vs. Judging: a mindset change

  • Resistance as part of the change process Creating a container for interaction safety

  • Guest panel of consultants who have supported transformational change: stories,  lessons, and learnings from the journey

  • Application groups

Tuesday, May 30th: Session 4 – Application: Evolving the New Narrative and Changing the Systems

  • Bringing HR and other key partners into the process to create systemic change •

  • The new narrative – moving from the OLD culture to the NEW

  • Measures and metrics – helping change processes stick

  • Application groups

  • Feedback and organisation

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Frederick A. Miller & Judith H. Katz



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