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Assessment and Intervention for Child and Adolescent Executive Function Difficulties

George McCloskey: Assessment and Intervention for Child and Adolescent Executive Function Difficulties

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Define executive functions: what they are and what they are not

  2. Discuss a comprehensive model of executive functions

  3. Discuss development of executive functions during childhood and adolescence

  4. Describe how executive function use varies based on domains of functioning

  5. Explain how executive functions vary based on arena of involvement

  6. Discuss the various roles of executive functions in classroom learning and production and everyday behavior

  7. Discuss the relationship of executive functions to childhood psychopathology

  8. Apply a multidimensional framework for assessing the executive function capacities of children and adolescents

  9. Describe student and teacher classroom observation methods for improving academic production and classroom management

  10. Describe a model for conducting functional behavior assessments and developing behavior support plans

  11. Plan intervention strategies that vary based on a continuum from degree of external control to degree of internal self-regulation

  12. Discuss the planning, implementation, and outcome assessment of school-, clinic-, and home-based interventions