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About Us

About the Cape Cod Institute

Founded in 1980, The Cape Cod Institute is known worldwide for the excellence of the CE courses and seminars it offers for educators, mental health, behavioral, leadership and management professionals and members of other professions who apply behavior science knowledge in their practices.

The Institute’s week-long workshops and certification, on a broad spectrum of topics in leadership and psychology, ranging from trauma to mindfulness, from anxiety to diversity, are taught by leading thinkers and doers and are attended by practitioners from throughout North America and every continent.

The Cape Cod Institute was the first in its field offering interactive education and in-person learning with thought leaders and master teachers, at a pace, and in a setting that fosters learning. Classes take place in the morning hours of a five-day week, leaving the remainder of the time free for study and leisure, and for networking with colleagues in a setting of striking natural beauty. 

The Cape Cod Institute was founded in 1980 by Gilbert Levin, Ph.D. while a professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Gil is a clinical and social psychologist who has been a researcher, teacher, and program developer for more than 50 years. At Einstein he was an active teacher of medical students and psychiatric residents and led a college wide initiative to bring the social and behavioral sciences to bear on medical education and research. In 1979 he founded one of the nation’s first health psychology doctoral programs. He is now professor emeritus in the departments of epidemiology and psychiatry.

In 2017, Gil stepped into an advisory role at the Institute, passing the Chief Executive title to his son, Alex Levin. Alex has had a strategic and technical role at the Institute since 2003, working closely with Gil and the rest of the team. Alex has a technology background, and worked at early internet companies like Prodigy and Meca Software, and spent many years building financial applications for General Electric. Alex attended Skidmore College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Human Interface Design. Alex was present in 1980 when the Institute was founded, and working at the Institute was his first summer job.

Joining the team in 2018, Kat Rorke, LCSW, brings over 10 years of experience in the non-profit field working with youth, families, and adults to her role as Program Director. She attended Pitzer College and received her MSW from New York University. She has practiced in a variety of health, education, and mental health settings in NYC committed to serving diverse populations and diagnosis groups including Department of Education, Assertive Community Treatment, outpatient mental health clinics, and a variety of in-patient and out-patient pediatric hospital settings. In addition to her clinical work, Kat has assumed leadership, supervision, and program development roles.

Molly Eldridge, MSW, LICSW, has been involved with the Institute for over 30 years. Molly is a clinical social worker and has been in full-time private practice on Cape Cod since 1989. She attended Bates College and Boston University and received her MSW from Boston University in 1987. Molly continues as a trusted advisor for the Institute, consulting on current cultural and educational trends and issues.

Laura DeMatteo has been involved with the Institute for over 20 years. Laura manages our administrative office operations and is most likely the person you will meet when you call or email the Institute. Previously, she worked at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, assisting with many research projects and community outreach programs in the Department of Epidemiology alongside Gil Levin.

The Institute is administered by Cape Learning Network, LLC. CLN's mission is to make a difference in the lives of people, organizations, and communities by providing excellent, timely and lively education. The courses that comprise the Cape Cod Institute are sponsored and accredited by Cape Learning Network, Professional Learning Network and by the Milton Erickson Foundation.

See what our faculty are saying about us :

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Minds of Summer interview with our Founder, Gil Levin

Participant Responses to the Question: What did you like most about your experience at the Cape Cod Institute?

I enjoyed the Welcome Reception, sea cliffs hike and theater experiences, which gave me an opportunity to meet colleagues, and I even relished the opportunity to taste the famous egg salad!
The intensity of the experience over the course of the week was impactful in ways a one-day workshop cannot equal. I was excited and turned on by what I saw, heard and felt.
The 3.5 hours x 5 days allowed for time to “digest” the information before learning more. Also, learning on the Cape with beautiful weather enhanced the experience.
Quality professional learning experience in a beautiful place with a schedule/structure that permitted the necessary time and space to integrate the material and manage any personal reactions to it.
I’m grateful for the connections that I made with other people from around the country. It was wonderful to hear their perspectives and experiences.
Quite honestly, everything. Such a welcoming environment, challenging material, and knowledgeable presentations.