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Our CE courses are for health and mental health professionals (including: psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, MFTs), and to OD and HR practitioners, educators at all levels, and members of any profession who apply behavioral science to practice.

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About The Cape Cod Institute

Founded in 1980, The Cape Cod Institute is known worldwide for the excellence of the courses and workshops it offers for psychotherapists, organizational consultants and members of other professions who apply behavior science knowledge in their practices.

The Institute’s week-long programs, on a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from neuroscience to marriage, from mindfulness to diversity, are taught by leading thinkers and doers and are attended by practitioners from throughout North America and every continent.

The Cape Cod Institute was the first in its field offering in-depth in-person learning with thought leaders and master teachers, at a pace, and in a setting that fosters learning. Classes take place in the morning hours of a five-day week, leaving the remainder of the time free for study and leisure, and for networking with colleagues in a setting of striking beauty.

The Cape Cod Institute was founded in1980 by Gilbert Levin, Ph.D. while a professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Gil is a clinical and social psychologist who has been a researcher, teacher, and program developer for more than forty years. At Einstein he was an active Teacher of medical students and psychiatric residents and led a college wide initiative to bring the social and behavioral sciences to bear on medical education and research. In 1979 he founded one of the nation’s first health psychology doctoral programs. He is now professor emeritus in the departments of epidemiology and psychiatry.

The Institute’s assistant director, Molly Eldridge, MSW, LICSW is a clinical social worker and has been in full-time private practice on Cape Cod since 1989. She attended Bates College and Boston University and received her MSW from Boston University in 1987. She has been involved with the Institute for over 25 years.

The Institute is administered by Professional Learning Network, LLC. PLN's mission is to make a difference in the lives of people, organizations, and communities by providing excellent, timely and lively education. The courses that comprise the Cape Cod Institute are sponsored and accredited by Professional Learning Network and by the Milton Erickson Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am excited about the course I registered for this summer. What can I do to prepare for the course?

A good place to begin is to consult the list of publications mentioned in the description of your course in the printed version of the Cape Cod Institute Catalogue and on this website. Most of the books mentioned can be obtained from or other sources. In some courses the instructor provides material in advance of the course, which we distribute promptly.

I attend the Cape Cod Institute almost every summer. Sometimes I get material ahead of time sometimes not. What's the deal?

Some Instructors have material they want to share with participants ahead of the course; most do not. When material is provided we will send you an email with either the materials attached or link to the material online (the best way for detailed images and lengthy content)

I am puzzled about which of your courses I am eligible to attend. I am an organizational consultant specializing in team development. As I look at the list of courses, some of them jump out as being up my alley. Others look intriguing, but I wonder if I would be welcome in them. They seem to be intended for shrinks. At the same time the content of some of them seem applicable to the work I do. What's the skinny on this?

Our courses are intended for professionals in the two categories you mention. Members of other professions, such as teachers, pediatricians, clergy, attorneys, to name a few, also attend courses, depending on the topic.

Our policy is to encourage multidisciplinary attendance in most of our courses. If you attend a course on the topic of leadership for instance, chances are that about 20% of your classmates will be mental health professionals. If you choose a course with a mental health-related title, most attendees will be members of those professions, but at least a few attendees and perhaps many will be HR professionals, or others whose work requires knowledge of human behavior. The best test is whether the material seems relevant to you and is not too specialized to be useful to you. If you would like assistance in deciding if a particular course is a good fit for you, email us at

I work as a counselor in a mental health clinic. I am also working toward a doctoral degree in psychology. Am I eligible for reduced tuition?

No. Only those students who are enrolled in a course of study that requires their fulltime effort are eligible.

I want to know about disability-related accessibility to the Institute and to the surrounding community--e.g., hotel information, etc.

All Cape Cod Institute courses are held in rooms which are wheel-chair accessible, as are the bathrooms. Many hotels and motels in the area are well-equipped to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Additional information can be obtained from the Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled. Our on-site staff makes every effort to accommodate the individual needs of the those with hearing and vision disabilities, such as reserving seats in the front of the classroom. Such arrangements can be readily made on-site. Those who prefer to make arrangements in advance of traveling to the Institute are invited to contact us.

I will be traveling a long distance to the Institute and want to take full advantage of my out-of-class time. Can you suggest recreational activities I might explore in advance of my trip.

Some years ago we provided links to Cape Cod information, but the Internet has grown so rich in such resources that we couldn't keep up with it all. If you enter the words "Cape Cod x" (where x is the name of an activity like golf, fishing, museum, etc.) into a search engine such as you will be off and running. The good news is that advance preparation is not a necessity and reservations, except for some restaurants and theaters, are not required. On the first morning of your course you will receive a copy of our Summer Guide which lists a wide array of recreational resources. In addition, Institute staff members, all of whom are Cape dwellers, will provide advice and help to use our resource files. You may be interested in joining other Cape Cod Institute participants in a guided nature walk on Monday afternoon and on a whale watch later in the week.

We would like to camp out while attending the Institute. Are there any campgrounds near the Cape Cod Institute?

You will find a Cape-wide list of campgrounds here. The campgrounds located in Eastham, Orleans and Wellfleet are nearest to the Cape Cod Institute.

My husband and I are both attending the Institute. We will be bringing our two children with us. Can you steer us to any assistance?

Demand for such services is high, so it is best to make your plans as early as possible. There are some good recreation programs on the Cape. A list of them is maintained by Cape Cod Children's Place, a regional family resource center in the eight Lower/Outer Cape towns of Brewster, Chatham, Eastham, Harwich, Orleans, Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet:

P. O. Box 1935
North Eastham, MA 02651
Phone: 508-240-3310 or 800-8719535
Fax: 508-240-2352

Do you know of any pet-friendly hotels on Cape Cod?

Yes. Some or all of these:

Orleans Holiday Motel in Orleans
Skaket Beach Motel in Orleans
Town Crier Motel in Eastham
Outer Reach Resort in North Truro

Policies about pets change from time to time, so you may want to contact the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce for the most recent information.

Privacy Policy

Professional Learning Network, LLC does not collect personal information about visitors to its website, except that which is provided voluntarily and directly by the individual concerned. The information, including credit card information, provided by those who register for courses at the Cape Cod Institute is transmitted by secure server and is shared only with the company that processes such transactions. Information provided by those who register by U.S. mail, fax or telephone is also shared only with the credit card processing company.

Any future change in procedure that bears on privacy would be announced in advance on this website and those concerned would be offered the opportunity to opt out.

June 5, 2001

Professional Learning Network, LLC, and its cosponsors are not responsible for any statements, acts, material or omissions by faculty or participants. The registrant agrees that any dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in the State of Connecticut pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Pets are not permitted except for service/disability animals. The use of recording equipment, beepers and cell phones is not permitted.

What our alumni are saying:

"The expansive experience of rich learning, new experiences, open and kind people, and good food."

"I love the stimulating conversations, exchange of ideas, and interesting people."

"A wonderful week to look forward to each summer."

"I found this to be an amazing, nurturing experience on all levels; the staff, instructors, facilities, attention to our needs, and making sure we have opportunities to engage in the 'Cape Cod Experience'." more comments


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