Gloria Burgess, PhD, has led thousands of people in life-changing workshops, retreats, seminars, and conferences on six continents. A Visiting and Adjunct Faculty in Applied Behavioral Science and Transformational Leadership, she teaches executives at the University of Washington, University of Southern California, and Center for Courage and Renewal®.

As a trusted advisor, she works with prominent organizations and thought leaders around the world. Sanctuary is part of her popular series Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside®, which focuses on conscious living and service. For many years, Gloria offered her programs only in business, health care, and philanthropic settings to help frazzled, burned-out leaders reconnect with their inner wisdom and purpose. So many people have requested her highly-successful programs, they are now open to people in all professions. In the 1990s, Gloria coined the phrase legacy consciousness. Today, she infuses the ethos of legacy consciousness in all aspects of her work, so that we might become conscious stewards of our individual, collective, and planetary resources.

Gloria earned her PhD and MBA from University of Southern California and has studied and taught with renowned scholars at Yale and Harvard. Her groundbreaking books include Embodied Leadership (ed.), Flawless Leadership, and Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside.

NJ Social Workers:
No SW credit issued by NJ ASWB and ASWB ACE Program for this course.

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Gloria Burgess

Sanctuary: Re-igniting the Servant Soul
June 25-29, 2018

Pioneering scholar, master facilitator, and acclaimed poet and author Gloria Burgess summons us to remember that inside each of us is a marvelous world waiting to be born. But how? During this time of deep transition, many of us are so focused on supporting others—e.g., aging parents, our growing or grown children—we often lose sight of our own dreams. And for those of us in the helping professions—leaders, consultants, coaches, therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers, civil servants, attorneys—we excel in putting everyone and everything else on our "to do" lists, but we forget about ourselves.

This inspiring, interactive session is an invitation to remember who you are. It is an invitation to shed your busyness and step across the threshold… into the exquisite realm of sanctuary.

Sanctuary is an extraordinary time out of time… a time to reflect on your own true nature, realign with what has heart and meaning, and respond to your soul's deepest calling. Sanctuary offers you an opportunity to celebrate your gifts and, most importantly, to care for yourself as you re-ignite your passion, attuning to what makes you fully alive.

Drawing on relevant research from the arts, behavioral science, neuroscience, and perennial wisdom traditions, we will learn from Gloria's insightful teaching as together we create a vibrant, life-giving learning community. Through reflection, small group exercises, dialogue, music, poetry, movement, and other integrative modalities, we will host questions such as: What is the world calling me to—now?

Each day we will reflect on and reimagine our unique contribution to the world. Throughout the week, Gloria will offer powerful, yet subtle support as you take the first crucial steps on the most significant journey of your life—honoring yourself and re-claiming your calling!

You will leave energized and inspired to step more fully into your own magnificence, and to light the way for others.

Inspiring Radical Hospitality

  • Cultivating personal sustainability: Caring for yourself, others, and the world body
  • Fostering courageous practices to open your heart and soul
  • Co-creating a vibrant, life-giving learning community

Inspiring Confidence

  • Developing clarity: Who am I called to be—for this particular time?
  • Releasing old, worn-out narratives to make way for what holds heart and meaning
  • Saying NO to toxicity and life-draining drama
  • Saying YES to possibility

Inspiring Passion

  • Remembering who you are
  • Expanding boundaries and shape shifting
  • Embracing full presence
  • Re-igniting your passion—what makes you come fully alive

Inspiring Joy

  • Encouraging creative renewal and rejuvenation
  • Exploring individual, relational, and collective well being
  • Becoming strong, resilient instruments of healing, hope, and possibility—for ourselves, our families, our clients, our communities, our world

Inspiring Integration and Legacy

  • Weaving it all together so that you leave refreshed and inspired
  • Lighting the way for others without burning out
  • Creating a "playlist," a resource to sustain you on your journey

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