Carol J. Kramer, LICSW, is a sought after Clinical Imago therapist, Faculty Trainer and Workshop Presenter. Carol was trained by Dr. Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago Relationship Therapy and co-author, with his wife, Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, of the best seller, "Getting the Love You Want". Carol brings enthusiasm, passion, expertise, warmth and clarity to the process of understanding and learning Imago theory. She is able to break down the skills of how to utilize the theory and she makes the process of learning engaging, safe, fun and productive. Among the places Carol has presented are Omega Institute, Kripalu and the Cape Cod Institute.

NJ Social Workers:
Approved for 15 Clinical hours by NJ ASWB.

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A Clinical Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy: Bringing Couples from Rupture to Connection
July 2-6, 2018

If you dread your next appointment with a couple, avoid doing couples therapy altogether but would like to, or love couples and want to do it better, join Carol Kramer, LICSW for this profound, yet hands-on learning experience. This training will introduce the basic theory and therapeutic processes of Imago Relationship Therapy and will help therapists understand the core issues all couples face.

Together we will cover how to:

  • Work with the "difficult" couple
  • Transform destructive conflict into creative tension
  • Move couples from ineffective "communicating" to deep dialogue that restores connection and evokes joy
  • Enhance couples' mutual curiosity, appreciation of each other, and sense of humor
  • Change your emphasis from the negative fallout of childhood wounds to helping couples develop positive interactions that will foster closeness, safety, connection, and joy

This skill-building, week-long training will give you the means of getting to the heart of most couples' most profound power struggle--their failure to get each other to meet leftover developmental needs from childhood. Instead, each partner tries to coerce the other to match the distorted inner image of their early caretakers (called the Imago) through blame, shame, and criticism. Through Imago Relationship Therapy you'll learn a way of offering couples another option--to create a Conscious Partnership that restores original connection and joy, healing the wounds of the past. Methods will include lectures, live demonstration of the process, practice and videos. The training is credited by Imago Relationships International toward certification as an Imago Therapist for anyone who wishes to continue his or her training to become a Certified Imago Therapist.


  • Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Introduction to Dialogue: The Flagship of Imago
  • Demonstration: Mirroring
  • Phenomenology: Explain Supervisory Process
  • Practice: Mirroring Finding your Imago


  • How to use Evolutionary Journey with couples
  • The power of Validation and Empathy 
  • Integrating Validation and Empathy: When and how 
  • Demonstration of Couples Dialogue: Emphasis on the rhythm and how to shift energy 
  • Video of Couples Session
  • Practice: Imago Dialogue 
  • New Learnings


  • How to use the Psychological and Social Journey with couples 
  • The importance of moving clients from content to affect 
  • The dance between regression and progression 
  • Using Sentence Stems and Doubling to deepen
  • Demonstration: Couples Dialogue using stems and doubling
  • Practice the Couples Dialogue using stems and doubling 
  • New Learnings


  • How to structure an Imago session
  • Demonstration
    • Practice: Steps in an Imago Session
    • Feedback using the Supervision model


  • Complete role-play practice
  • Questions and Answers
  • Closing: Where to go from here

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We are delighted to welcome Carol Kramer back to the Institute!

This course is a rare opportunity to take the first steps toward becoming an Imago Therapist. Attend this course and receive 2 days credit toward becoming a Certified Imago Therapist.

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