Harville Hendrix Ph.D., is a clinical pastoral counselor whose specialization in couples therapy led to the co-development with his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, of Imago Relationship Therapy which is practiced in 30 countries by over 2000 Imago therapists. Dr. Hendrix’ work has been featured on Harville HendrixOprah 17 times. He has won many awards and an honorary degree. He and Helen live in NYC and NM and have six children and four grandchildren.

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IMAGO: A Theory and Therapy of Couplehood
July 8-12, 2013

If you dread your next appointment with a couple, avoid doing couples therapy altogether but would like to, or love couples and want to do it better, this course is for you. Taught by Harville Hendrix, Ph D., co-founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, it is a rare opportunity to study with one of the masters of marital therapy and learn a theory and methodology that will help you love working with couples. Not only will you discover a radical new theory of couplehood, you will be immersed in watching demonstrations of the dialogue process and getting some coaching as you practice this transformational process.

Imago Relationship Therapy, a theory and therapy of couplehood, integrates, synthesizes, and extends the insights of the major Western psychological systems, behavioral science, and spiritual disciplines into a uniquely comprehensive and systematic system of love relationships. Imago Therapy translates the theory into practice.

The “Imago” is a composite image in the unconscious of the significant character traits and behaviors of childhood primary caretakers. Our unconscious pairs us with an “Imago match,” an individual who is like our caretakers in significant ways to recreate our childhood psychological dynamics in an attempt to heal the central wounds we carry. Imago Relationship Therapy uses this context to transform relationships into a therapeutic encounter for each partner’s psychological and spiritual self-completion.

This skill-building, week-long seminar will give you the means of getting to the heart of most couples’ most profound power struggle - their failure to get each other to meet leftover developmental needs from childhood. Instead, each partner tries to coerce the other to match the distorted inner image of their early caretakers (called the Imago) through blame, shame and criticism. Through Imago Relationship Therapy you’ll learn a way of offering couples another option - to create a conscious and committed relationship in which they increase their capacity to offer acceptance and compassion to both themselves and their partner.

The workshop is open to all mental health professionals. It is credited by the Imago International Institute toward certification for anyone who wishes to continue his or her training to become a certified Imago Therapist.

Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy
Introduction to Dialogue: The Flagship of Imago
Demonstration: Mirroring
Phenomenology: Explain Supervisory Process
Practice: Mirroring
New Learnings

How to use Evolutionary Journey with Couples
The Power of Validation and Empathy
Integrating Validation and Empathy: When and How
Demonstration of Intentional Dialogue: Emphasis on the rhythm and how to shift energy
Video of Couples Session
Practice: Imago Dialogue
New Learnings

How to use the Psychological and Social Journey with couples
The importance of moving clients from content to affect
The dance between regression and progression
Using Sentence Stems and Doubling to deepen Demonstration: Intentional Dialogue using stems and doubling Practice the Intentional Dialogue using stems and doubling
New Learnings

Other Processes in Imago and when to use them
Introducing the positive and finding the balance
How to Introduce Imago: The Initial Interview
Demonstration: The Initial Interview
Practice: The Initial Interview

Affairs: An Imago Approach Questions and Answers
Closing: Where to go from here

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